Advancement & Support

Ask any patron of Rossville Christian Academy who over the past year travelled to the school via Hwy 194 or by Hwy 76 about the importance of bridges, and they'll tell you: unless the bridges are  fully open and free of construction, it's frustrating to try to get where you are going!

Like any independent school, tuition paid by patrons to Rossville Christian Academy does not cover the actual cost of the education and activities the school provides. Therefore, RCA has also established a bridge to help us get where we are going--the RCA Annual Fund. Our Annual Fund not only bridges the gap between yearly tuition income and our expenses, but also is a bridge to our future--providing for our technology, athletic or academic needs that will serve us for years to come.

The Annual Fund is NOT a Capital Campaign! Periodically, the Board of Directors at Rossville Christian Academy may see the need to initiate a Capital Campaign, which will be fully announced, explained and "kicked off", will be self-limiting (have a set time frame from beginning to end), and whose purpose will be to raise funds for a specific, publicized purpose. Capital Campaigns are undertaken only when there is a need to raise large sums of money for a specific purpose; Annual Funds are needed each and every year to help us cover regular and on-going expenses.

Although RCA has had an established Annual Fund for many years, renewed efforts starting with the 2015-2016 school year will be taken to increase understanding about the purposes of the fund, and ways that families can support our school. We are also planning on establishing some regular annual fundraising activities and events specifically to raise money for the Annual Fund.  Giving is open to parents, grandparents, faculty, alumni, friends, businesses and corporations--in fact to anyone who wants to help RCA grow and prosper!

From fundraising activities, to  gifts and bequests, your support is critical to Rossville Christian Academy's continued success! As an established 501(c)3, your gifts to Rossville Christian Academy may be tax deductible; it is always advisable to discuss your contribution in advance with your accountant.

Here are some common ways to give:

Monthly, semi-annual, annual gifts: These types of gifts are the most common form of giving to RCA, and allows us to address its most immediate needs. Donors may earmark gifts for a specific purpose or project.

Bequests: It is possible to remember RCA through a bequest in your will, and may include a specific dollar amount for your bequest, or it may be given as a percentage of the estate.

Life Insurance: You may also donate by making Rossville Christian Academy the owner and beneficiary of an insurance policy.

Securities and Real Estate: You may also give a gift of appreciated stock or appreciated real estate to benefit the school. Again, it's advisable to discuss these gifts with your tax attorney or accountant to see how these methods can help you or your estate with tax savings.

Matching gifts: Many companies will match donations given by patrons to the school as part of their matching charitable contribution program.

Honorary or Memorium Gifts: Want to honor your graduating Senior? Or honor a loved one who has passed away? You may give to honor someone, or as a memorial gift.

"Tuition alone does not enable a school to grow and prosper. RCA needs the help of all patrons and friends to implement our mission. We plan to continue to increase the quality of education for all our students. Advanced course offerings, quality instruction and first-rate facilities are a must in this competitive educational environment"--Mike Coggins, RCA Head of School

Find out how easy it is to contribute to RCA's Annual Fund!