Grateful for Mark Duggin’s years of service to RCA

Dear RCA Family,

 The Board of Directors is grateful for Mark Duggin’s years of service to RCA. Since 2012, Mark has been a positive influence and humble servant to our great school. Mark has made significant accomplishments and played a critical role in advancing RCA. Some of Mark’s most visible accomplishments are the recent enhancements to our gymnasium and the new Cafetorium facility which are sure to be blessings to RCA for years to come.

    On behalf of the Board of Directors, I accept Mark’s decision —as he has made it—with optimism and faith, and with the belief in a brilliant future, both for him and for RCA.
Mark’s loyalty to RCA remains steadfast and the RCA family appreciates his continued leadership and direction as RCA finishes the building campaign and strives for academic excellence. We wish the best for Mark in the next chapter of his life and pray for his ministry to be blessed. We are thankful that Mark is committed to a smooth and orderly transition and we plan for him to serve as President until June of 2019.

    In our 50-year history, RCA has always strived to provide academic excellence centered around a Christian World View. The Board of Directors understands how important the Head of School position is to continue this excellence. With that in mind, over the last several months, the Board of Directors has performed an in-depth search and interview process to determine the most qualified professional recruitment firm for RCA’s specific need. After reviewing proposals and meeting with a number of firms, the Board is pleased to announce that Carney Sandoe & Associates has been retained to assist us in this search process. Carney Sandoe is a nationally recognized firm and has specialized expertise in senior level appointments at independent schools.

In the upcoming days, you will have an opportunity to meet Carney Sandoe representatives and will also see them on campus interviewing faculty, staff, and families to ensure that all the key stakeholders have input in this important decision. We especially value the input of all RCA families and hope that you will take time to meet the Carney Sandoe representatives when they visit RCA to conduct these interviews. We will be sending out notifications via email shortly so you will be aware of the timing for Carney Sandoe family interviews.

    The Board, along with Carney Sandoe, is committed to meeting all expectations of RCA families and faculty. To help keep everyone informed and meet expectations, we will give regular updates on this process.

    By working together for this common goal, we believe RCA will locate a qualified and capable Head of School to lead RCA into the future. We encourage you to visit the website to find out more about our professional search firm.

Jeff Gentry
Chairman, Board of Directors

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