From our Families

When we were looking for a school for our son to begin his educational career, there were several options. They all “appeared” on equal plains. But it took one phone call to RCA for us to see the difference. After the initial interaction with the staff I felt we would be a part of something special. Although Shane was not of regular 4K age they were willing to have him come in any way to meet us. Shane is very bright, his entry to RCA was based on an evaluation of his knowledge level at 3 ½ to determine if he was mature enough to benefit with a class of 4 year olds He was really excited to begin school but we didn’t just want any school, we had requirements; a loving environment, challenging, safe, great communication, partnership, Christian based and an extension to the values and beliefs we were teaching him at home. We found all of that and more at RCA. Although the tuition is very reasonable, the investment the teachers and faculty are making into Shane’s future is priceless. The student body at RCA has a family connection from the seniors to 4K. I look forward to his growth as a student and a young man of God with the foundations being set with the help of RCA. It is a great place to call home.
— Bobby & Simona Ware, Moscow, TN

"The 4K program at Rossville Christian Academy truly made our daughter fall in love with school. Ms. Carol has a natural ability to guide the children through a well-designed program while keeping behaviors in line as the kids have a fun and safe time. They also learn weekly Bible stories in a Christian environment, which is very important to us as parents. The 4K program really helped our daughter be confident and ready for Kindergarten. We couldn’t have had a better experience, or a better first year of school at RCAl!”  

 -The Cunningham Family

Dr. Amy King

RCA has been an answered prayer for our family.  For several years we felt torn about our girls’ education.  After much prayer and discussion, we began to visit and research school options in the greater Memphis area.  Our goal was to find a school where our girls would receive a great education, grow in their Christian faith, and become confident young girls.  We were immediately drawn to the kindness and “family” atmosphere of RCA.  Our first interaction with RCA was a high school basketball game last winter.  We were warmly greeted by other parents who were happy to share their stories about RCA.  The next morning we scheduled a meeting to visit the school; soon after we brought the girls to visit the campus.  We have not regretted the decision to choose RCA.  They are both involved in many school activities and loving life at RCA.  It has been such a blessing for our girls to attend a school where they feel loved, supported, and encouraged.  They are flourishing in the classroom, in their friendships, and most importantly they are happy.  Choosing RCA has been the right decision for our family.  I would encourage any family looking for a school to consider RCA.

-Amy S. King, DVM, Companion Animal Hospital of Collierville

The Simpsons

We love the small ‘family’ atmosphere at RCA.  When we began touring schools, it was important to us that the teacher-to-child ratio be small.  We didn’t want our children to be just a number.  We toured several private schools before visiting RCA.  The first time our daughter met the staff, she seemed at home.  The Christian-based teachings are very important to us, and the curriculum is great.  The kids have thrived, under the love and care from everyone at the school.  The elementary, middle school and high school are all on one campus, and the older kids seem eager to help the younger ones.  Another important factor for us is the bus/van service that is offered to and from RCA.

-Susan and Doug Simpson

Brooke Cairncross

   I fell in love with Rossville Christian Academy as soon as I had my first interaction with them in choosing a school for my daughter, Gracie.  I had visited other schools in the area but only felt like a number and knew that my child would be no more than just another face in the crowd. At RCA, I felt like family the moment I walked in and still do. I enrolled Gracie into 4K in 2005 and, since then, she has flourished under the exceptional teachers and staff that are provided at RCA. 
    The school encourages academic excellence and develops the students to be leaders. The classes are not overcrowded so the students are afforded the opportunity of individual attention; this is an aspect that is not offered at the majority of schools in the area. The students thrive under this level of attention and it prepares them to excel at the next level. The staff is above reproach as well and my daughter and I love them all.
   We are also involved in the sports activities that are offered at RCA. The coaches at RCA strive for excellence not just on the court or field, but off of it as well.  Athletes are encouraged to display a high level of sportsmanship and leadership.  These values taught by our great coaches also help them be leaders in the classroom as well.
   I could go on and on about how great RCA is. My daughter and I love it and she enjoys being there which not something many parents hear, however, you will hear it too if you enroll your child here. If you want a school that will love, nurture, and educate your child in sound Christian doctrine as you yourself would, you should enroll your child with Rossville Christian Academy.  It is one of the best choices you will ever make. I know it was one of mine. All it will take is one visit and you will be just as impressed and convinced as I was on my first visit.

- Brook Cairncross, Grand Junction, TN

The Kinnins

Note: Recently, Rossville Christian Academy had the pleasure of hosting a visiting student from Brazil, who spent part of her summer break visiting friends of her family in Oakland. Instead of just being a "tourist" during her stay in the United States, Renata Santos asked her host family to find a school that would allow her to monitor classes for the month she was visiting. Renata spent most of the month of January being a typical Senior at RCA, but left to return to her home country at the end of the month. Recently, we received a short note to Headmaster Mike Coggins from her host family:

My husband and I took Renata to the airport this afternoon and it was really hard to say goodbye to her. She is a gentle bright young lady that inspires everyone she gets in touch with. She absolutely loved the school and the new friends of all ages she made there. She loved telling everyone a little bit about Brazil, her home, her life and dreams and at the same time learn more about the American culture. Everyday, she came home telling us with excitement what she learned at school, how she was treated, and how much she appreciated every thing. We came to know the school, the staff and the students through her, and although we had been given excellent references of the school by parents of some of your former students, we really didn't know if it would be a good match for Renata. Well, it was a perfect match! There isn't  a better place! Her parents kept in touch with her and with us all this time, and are very, very pleased and appreciative of all of what RCA has done for Renata.
So, we all want to once more thank you for this wonderful experience and we will definitely recommend RCA to any parents looking for a good school to their children!

-Sincerely, Lu Kinnin

The Terrys

When we first moved to Tennessee in 2006 from Kentucky, we didn't have any idea that Rossville Christian Academy would end up being our school home! After doing some research, we decided that our family would choose an independent school setting for our children, even though our entire academic experience had been with public education in Kentucky. However, from our first encounter with administrators and staff at Rossville Christian, we knew we had found a school that would work with our two children and make the transition to our new home that much easier. We knew we had found a school that was safe and affordable for our family. Our son, Theo, graduated from RCA in 2011, and our daughter, Emma, will be a graduating senior in 2013. Rossville Christian Academy has been a very positive experience for our family, and has prepared our children to become not only better students, but better persons, as well.

-Theo & Robin Terry, Somerville, TN

The Loftins

"Rossville Christian has been a great choice for our family. There are many educational options (some not very good) in the area, and it is a big decision on where to invest. We spent several years at Harding and Briarcrest (good schools) before joining RCA. While our youngest child still attends RCA, our five oldest children have all graduated from RCA and performed exceedingly well at the next level, both excelling academically and in leadership positions on the way to earning undergraduate degrees at major universities...solid evidence that our educational dollars were spent wisely at Rossville Christian. We are confident that the school is an even better investment today."

-Mark Loftin, Red Banks,  MS.